2VizCon Branding & UX Design

2VizCon Branding & UX Design

2VizCon is a German-based technology company, producing software to build applications with complete mobility across a range of sectors for marketing, sales, education and training. I have worked with them to design and deliver apps for global clients such as Michelin and Accenture.

The following application is a presentational tool for 2VizCon themselves, used to pitch their capability within retail using iBeacon technology. I designed, wrote the copy and came up with the interface for simplistic storytelling – navigating within different retail environments (an attraction and a supermarket) with a ‘pop-up’ system to communicate benefits for both business and consumer.

I also shaped the new brand identity, featuring playful illustrations and a friendlier style to deliver what can be quite dry, technical information.

View mock-ups of the app here for Retail and  Attraction  (note: transitional movement is not included within mock-up).


Client          2VizCon
Services     Illustration, UX, UI, Copywriting, Identity
Year            2016
Site              www.2vizcon.com